K-12 Humanities Curriculum

A Young Man Being Introduced to the Liberal Arts

Humanities are the academic disciplines that investigate the nature of human beings through the study of cultures throughout history. Typically, a humanities program provides in-depth lessons in languages, history, art, and literature.

At the University of Dallas, we are dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, of truth, and of virtue as the proper and primary ends of education. We believe that all human beings, regardless of age, desire that which is true, good, and beautiful. We believe this formally begins at the K-12 level. What better way to immerse young people in the love of wisdom than through a humanities-based curriculum!

Our LogoCentric curriculum furnishes the poetic imagination through thoughtful encounters with classic works of art, literature, and music, as well as integrative experiences with natural laws described by mathematics and science.

We present these lessons through a pedagogy that intentionally develops habits of mind. Students learn to give careful attention to lessons that are delightfully presented. Our LogoCentric curriculum aims to restore the pedagogy of the classical tradition. It features engaging lessons that allow students to experience a full and rich curriculum. Through such pedagogy, our program cultivates the habits of both virtue and wisdom.

Unique Curriculum Features

The following are examples of elements that are integrated into the classical instructional framework of our program.

  • Three cycles of American History: K-3, 4-5, 6-8.
  • Two full cycles of World History, with an emphasis on Western Civilization: K-5, 6-8.
  • Music and Art selections
  • Aesop’s Fables spiral throughout all grades.
  • Shakespeare stories begin in 4th grade
  • Plutarch is studied in 6th-8th grade with comparison lessons of American patriots and ancient heroes in grades 7th-8th.
  • Optional Biographies of Catholic and/or Orthodox Saints available
  • Book of Centuries lessons included (timeline books for each student to create)
  • TEKS-aligned for ELAR and History (with extensions)

Each Grade Purchase Package will include:

  • 4 student humanities books with comprehensive teacher guides ( 1 student book per quarter)
  • 2 class novel study guides for teachers
  • Optional: Lives of Saints student book with beautiful art, quotes, and mini-biographical sketches of 9 saints per grade
  • Required booklists for integrated humanities for K-8
  • Optional booklists if you want to purchase even more books to complement the program or to add to a school library.
  • Suggested additional literature to complement the scope and sequence for K-8. These books are perfect for teachers, students and parents who want more books to complement the curriculum. This is especially helpful for families and students who love reading and want more!

Currently we are piloting our Humanities curriculum for 6th grade and our Level 1 and 2 (for K-5th grade) Living Latin Curriculum. If you would like to subscribe to receive updates about future availability of our curriculum and professional development for your teachers, please fill out the form below.

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