Adrienne Freas

University of Dallas, Classical Education Advisor

Specializing in practical lesson planning integration, classical charter schools, classical homeschools, Charlotte Mason philosophy and pedagogy, and Socratic Seminar for 3rd-8th grade.

Adrienne brings twenty years of experience specializing in the Charlotte Mason pedagogy to the University of Dallas. She has developed and led professional development for teachers in various forms of liberal arts education philosophies and methodologies, and is active in several communities of educators. While developing a K-8 humanities curriculum for the University of Dallas, she provides educational consulting services to schools requesting classical liberal arts pedagogical instruction. Her passions are teacher formation, and writing educational materials that help teachers practically implement the beauty of liberal arts instruction.

Adrienne’s experience is in classroom teaching at classical charter schools, home educating, and professional public speaking. In her previous position as Director of Classical Methodology for Responsive Education Solutions, she created teacher training materials, drafted classical curriculum maps, and implemented classical pedagogy. Originally hired as an education advisor, Adrienne assisted the VP of Academics in strategies for converting over twenty campuses to a classical, Charlotte Mason model. This included evaluating potential obstacles, collaborating solutions, and implementing change effectively. While at ResponsiveEd, she also developed, designed, and wrote a comprehensive classical English curriculum with a humanities focus for grades 3-8 and aligned it to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements.

Robin Johnston

University of Dallas, Classical Curriculum Writing Specialist

Specializing in Catholic Education, classical charter schools, English Grammar, Recitation, Poetry, and Middle School History, Music

Robin Ann Johnston earned a Presidential Scholarship and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Psychology (with a minor in piano performance) at Loyola University of New Orleans in 1985, cum laude. She spent several years volunteering in her children’s Montessori preschool, and then volunteer-teaching theater, speech, and formal debate classes for their middle school. Robin has taught World and American History, English, Literature, Composition, Math, and Theology for grades 4-12. As the lead middle-school teacher for Mount St. Michael Catholic School (MSMCS) in south Dallas, she was instrumental in transitioning the school’s culture and curriculum instruction to a classical model, in accordance with the Catholic intellectual tradition of education. Robin retired from teaching in 2015 and joined Adrienne at Responsive Ed, writing classical ELAR curriculum aligned to the Texas state standards. Currently, she writes Catholic humanities curriculum for the University of Dallas while serving as the classical curriculum consultant and lead teacher trainer for MSMCS. Robin’s passion is for igniting students’ hearts with a love for learning, and providing teacher formation in the Catholic tradition through classical liberal arts pedagogical instruction. Robin was given the “Work of Heart” award for excellence in teaching— twice—by the Catholic Diocese of Dallas.

Alexis Mausolf

University of Dallas, Classical Curriculum Writing Specialist

Specializing in curriculum development, foreign language acquisition, classical homeschools, Catholic Education in K-5, literature, and writing.

A lifetime of reading great literature gave Alexis a deep interest in words and language and a desire to share this interest with others. With a B.A. in Russian Studies from Washington and Lee University, and a M.A. in German from Florida State University, she has had experience teaching in various formats – from Kindergarten to college students, from a private Catholic school to homeschool, online and in person, and from community college to the University of Dallas. She has taught a variety of subjects, including German, literature, Catholic catechesis, debate and public speaking, and European history; and also served as a 2nd grade homeroom teacher at The Highlands School, as well as homeschooling her own children for 7 years. From 2016-2019 she worked as a writer and editor with the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team, helping develop a theology curriculum for children Pre-K through 8th grade. Her current position with the University of Dallas allows her to explore classical pedagogy and contribute original lesson plans to the UD humanities curriculum, while supporting classroom teachers with professional development and training in the art of teaching the Trivium.