Latin through Stories Curriculum Levels

Curriculum Level Overview

We currently have Level 1 and Level 2 written (Level 3 is in the pilot stage). Eventually we plan to have six levels, one for each grade from Kindergarten through 5th grade. However, please note that Levels build on each other, so a school that starts Latin in 3rd grade should still begin with Level 1.

Level 1: Bestiae Ubique / Animals Everywhere: Level 1 is about animals in different locations such as at home, in the backyard, on the farm, in the forest, in the water, and in the wild. Main target grades: K-3rd (predominantly oral, with optional reading, writing and grammar for older students)

Level 2: Per Annum Latine / Through the Year in Latin: Level 2 introduces children to Latin by talking about everyday activities throughout the year and the seasons. Main target grades: 1-4th (predominantly oral, with optional reading, writing and grammar for older students)

Level 3: Fabulae de Hominibus et Bestiis / Fables of Men and Animals (currently in pilot phase): Level 3 focuses on fables, organized around the four broad themes of friendship and charity; prudence; fortitude and perseverance; justice and honesty. Main target grades: 2nd-6th (in this level students start transitioning to more reading along)

Future Levels, still in the planning stage:

Level 4 will focus on age-appropriate stories from Roman Mythology, Level 5 will an introduction to famous men and events from Roman history, and Level 6 will most likely include Saints and Bible Stories.

Each Level Includes:

  • A teacher guide with fully scripted lessons surrounding a particular topic. Lesson components include:
    • Memorizing prayers, hymns, songs, nursery rhymes, proverbs or poems in Latin
    • Guided conversations about beautiful works of art related to the topic
    • “Little Socratic Talks” about the topic, all in Latin
    • Gouin Series related to the topic
    • Guided reading of beautiful picture books (In Levels 1 & 2, most of these are traditional folktales, adapted and retold in simple Latin)
    • Reader’s Theater Versions of almost all stories
  • Powerpoints to accompany the “Little Socratic Talks”
  • Audio recordings of all components and an audio-visual pronunciation guide
  • Teaching demo videos to get you started

Levels 1 and 2 bring the Latin language into the child’s world; subsequent levels will slowly bring the child into the world of the Ancient Rome.

We all absolutely love this curriculum. From a pedagogical viewpoint, its a masterpiece. […]
Its top notch pedagogy (I’m  a violinist with a knack for teaching, so I have spent since I was 14 thinking about musical pedagogy) and the results are amazing. I have a 6 year old who figured out that a desiccant dries things out, a 4 year old belting Latin songs while she careens down the sidewalk on a scoochy bike, and the 8 year old I bought this for grasps everything intuitively and remembers effortlessly. Even the dog gets involved!

Katherine Pettus, homeschooler

Preliminary Access for 2024-25 School Year

For the 2024-2025 school year we will offer pre-publication, i.e. electronic only, access to our Level 1, 2, and 3 curriculum materials at a lower price than the cost of our finished product.
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