Professional Development for PreK-12 Education

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Meet our K-12 Classical Support Team

Our team has experience and extensive background from homeschooling to the seasoned professor. Additionally we have extensive experience working for public charters and various private and religious schools. Our expertise extends from supporting schools that wish to transition to a classical model to the school that is established in classical methods. We specialize in providing guidance and practical assistance to faculty and administrators at all levels of understanding the liberal arts tradition.

Adrienne has an unbelievable grasp of Classical pedagogy as is evidenced in the way she presents classical training. Her manner of delivery keeps one engaged and excited to the point that even those who are not classically trained are moved and inspired by her passion.

John W. Heitzenrater II, Headmaster, Corinth Classical Academy

What We Offer

We offer a vast array of sessions from basic classical lesson planning and classical assessments to advanced Socratic methods. Some examples of our sessions include:

  • Parent Education: How can I support my student at home?
  • Parent Education: Classically Bilingual at Home
  • What is the Spirit of a Classical Education?
  • Introducing a Classical Instructional Framework with Lessons Aligned to State Standards
  • The Trivium: Memory and Habits- The Heart of Grammar
  • The Trivium: Dialectic and Rhetoric for K-8
  • Introducing the Progymnasmata
  • How to Read Poetry
  • Introduction to Socratic Teaching
  • Mastering the Four Arguments
  • Asking the Important Questions in Any Class: How to Exercise Maieutic Questioning Skills

For more information on the various offerings and how the K-12 Classical Support Team can customize trainings for your needs, please fill out the “contact us” form on the top of this page. We look forward to working with you!