UD’s Living Latin Curriculum in Action

Here are some of our current curriculum pilot students in action!

To find out about participating in our 2021/22 pilot please click here.

A six year old reciting Psalm 42:1

Listen to this 6 year old sing Twinkle, twinkle little star in Latin.

Another 6 year old singing several stanzas of “Mary had a little lamb” in Latin.

Kindergarten Students at St Joseph’s Catholic school telling a “Petting the dog” Gouin series.

3rd graders at St Joseph’s Catholic singing “Duc, duc, remos duc” in rounds.

Kindergarden students at St Joseph’s telling a “Going to the Farm” Gouin series. (Note from the teacher: The little boy has articulation issues and has been receiving speech therapy since he was 3. That day he raised his hand and spoke in class! He had not done that at all this whole year.  

1st graders at St Francis Montessori telling a “Petting the cat” Gouin series.

1st graders at St Francis Montessori telling the “Petting the dog” Gouin series.

A six year old singing “Flevit lepus parvulus”.

Singing “Silent vesperi omnia”

Reciting the Gouin series “The Bear and the Bees”