Professional Development for K-12 Classical Schools

The UD K-12 Classical Education team has been offering Professional Development for classical educators over the last 12 months. Most recently the team visited five schools and led teachers through the process of creating Socratic questions for any subject. As part of the training, teachers experienced a Seminar on the Emancipation that they can use in their middle school classrooms.

Here is what teachers and headmasters are saying:

The most remarkable thing about the UD program was its ability to take the classical approach and help each teacher create concrete lesson plans in order to translate a lofty goal into a doable, well-planned lesson. UD is the first program I have experienced with such clear, specific directives that lead a teacher to confidently and successfully bring Classical education into their classroom, no matter the grade level.

Lara Pennell, Literature and Religion Teacher

I have not received a classical education, but you have evoked my own search for beauty. It seems this is timeless. I am now searching for beauty everywhere. In music, art, sounds. Searching for beauty is a wealth of passion for learning that inspires the soul. It awakens me. Thank you.

Mary Birdsong, 5th grade Classical Charter School Teacher

They [the UD team] have come to our school in order to understand our unique mission and culture, and then customized our professional development sessions accordingly. Every session has been immensely fruitful, and we have all learned practical methods for implementing a classical pedagogy.

Kristina Holleman, Headmaster, St. Isidore Academy

Our Mission for K-12 Classical Professional Development

We are dedicated to helping educators reflect upon the end purposes of education, as well as providing them with the practical knowledge and skills requisite for professional excellence in classical education. Our team provides guidance and hands-on assistance to faculty and administrators at all levels of understanding the liberal arts tradition. From the new to the seasoned, we are dedicated to helping educators expand their confidence in the beauty of teaching classically, so that they can help their students take part in the great conversations of humanity. Each training allows participants to deepen their knowledge of the liberal arts through customized sessions that combine discussion of classical pedagogy and cultivation of virtue with practical “how to’s” for the classroom, enabling schools to flourish in the classical intellectual tradition.

For more information on the various offerings and how the K-12 Professional Development Team can customize trainings for your school, contact us here.