Level 2: Through the Year in Latin / Per Annum Latine

Level 2: Through the Year in Latin / Per Annum Latine

Students learn to understand and say sentences about their daily activities throughout the year. Not only will they learn to talk about seasons and weather in Latin, but also about what various family members do, wear, and eat throughout, and how some animals adapt to the changing seasons.

Students in this level learn…

  • to recite four new prayers, four new bible verses, five new religious songs and hymns, while reviewing all Level 1 prayers and songs (optional components)
  • to sing 12 new traditional children’s songs and nursery rhymes, many of them with several stanzas, while reviewing those learned in Level 1
  • to understand and say around 16 new “Gouin series” of approximately 6-8 sentences each (over 100 complete sentences)
  • to understand and respond to questions about people’s daily activities throughout the seasons of the year (building from yes/no answers to increasingly long sentences)
  • to describe many beautiful works of art from Western and non-Western cultures
  • to understand, act out and memorize parts of 8 new picture books in Latin in interactive read-alouds as well as Reader’s Theater

Students in 3rd grade and up also learn explicit grammar:

a review of all of Level 1 grammar plus:

  • complete present tense verb conjugations
  • dative of indirect object and possession
  • genitive of possession
  • new prepositions with ablative and accusative
  • possessive pronouns
  • throughout, the focus is on increasing students’ understanding the function of subject, direct and indirect object and possessive nouns in a sentence

Teacher Resources include all of the following:

  • Teacher Guides
    • 90 thirty-minute lessons, fully planned and fully scripted
    • each lesson incorporates a steady review of everything learned, already planned out
    • lessons includes lots of songs from around the world (using sources such as Mater Anserina, as well as Latin song books published in Europe)
    • optional grammar components directly in the guide so you can use the same teacher guide for multiple grades (some of our current pilot schools are using it in every grade from K through 5th!)
  • audio files for all the songs, Gouin series, Little Socratic Talks, Picture Talks, and picture books in ecclesiastical and classical Latin
  • PowerPoints to accompany the “Little Socratic Talks”
  • PDFs of the picture books for each level (around 8-10 books) – note that we are in the process of publishing these “for real” and will at that point, probably sometime in late spring of 2024, no longer offer these books as part of the preliminary electronic access
  • additional materials such as reader’s theater versions of Gouin series or picture books
  • an optional student book for 3rd grade and up (with grammar and writing)

Preliminary Access for 2023-24 School Year

For the 2023-2024 school year we will offer pre-publication, i.e. electronic only, access to our Level 1 and 2 curriculum materials at a lower price than the cost of our finished product.
Click here for more information on Preliminary Access to Latin through Stories