Level 3: Fabulae de Hominibus et Bestiis / Fables of Men and Animals

Level 3: Fabulae de Hominibus et Bestiis / Fables of Men and Animals

This level focuses on fables, organized around the following four broad themes/virtues: Friendship and Charity; Fortitude and Perseverance; Prudence; Justice and Honesty. Each of the four themes includes 3-4 fables. Level 3 is suitable from 2nd grade up through Middle School, for students who have had at least two years of input-rich Latin classes.

Students in this level learn…

  • to recite four new prayers, eight new bible verses, five new religious songs and hymns, while reviewing Level 1 and 2 prayers and songs (optional components)
  • to sing five new children’s songs, all of them with several stanzas, while reviewing songs from Level 1 & 2
  • to understand and memorize 14 new “Gouin series” of approximately 8-10 sentences each, one for each of the fables
  • to understand and respond to questions about the fable characters and events
  • to describe and discuss many beautiful illustrations of those fables
  • to understand, act out and, depending on their age, also practice reading longer dramatized versions of all 14 fables in interactive read-alouds or Reader’s  Theater

Students in 3rd grade and up also learn explicit grammar:

  • Contextualized noun declension and verb conjugation drills
  • Sentence analysis (parts of speech, cases)
  • Introduction to the perfect tense
  • Introduction to the imperfect tense
  • Past tense versions of all Gouin series
  • Introduction to present participles in nominative and accusative
  • Adjective agreement
  • Adsum / absum conjugation
  • Prepositional phrases with accusative and ablative
  • Placet/placent & dative
  • accusative pronouns
  • verb prefixes
  • Introduction to Superlatives

Electronic Access includes all of the following

Four Teacher Guides (approx. 170 pages each)

  • Fully scripted and planned out lessons for more than 14 fables, each taught over a series of 6 lessons (see the Level 3 Overview and this Scope & Sequence), for a total of a 84 lessons
  • Each fable is presented in 3 tiers, with illustrations, PPTs, and activities
  • Each lesson incorporates a steady review of everything learned, already planned out
  • Additional lesson elements include optional bible verses, Latin proverbs and quotes to memorize, songs, games, contextualized grammar drills and grammar and writing activities

Four Student Books (approx. 100 pages each)

  • The Student Books in Level 3 include the texts of all fables with color illustrations, fable activities, and all grammar and writing activities.
  • Student Books are not meant to be standalone resources; the main elements are still the Teacher Guide.

Additional Materials

  • PowerPoints for almost every lesson (including the complete texts of the fables with color illustrations)
  • games
  • songs
  • input rich, contextualized quizzes
  • audio files in both classical and ecclesiastical Latin

Preliminary Access for 2024-25 School Year

For the 2024-2025 school year we will offer pre-publication, i.e. electronic only, access to our Level 1, 2, and 3 curriculum materials at a lower price than the cost of our finished product.
Level 3 will be available around late June 2024.
Click here for more information on Preliminary Access to Latin through Stories